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Volunteer Application

Prior to proceeding with your application, it is essential that you carefully review the and agree to the terms and conditions.

  1. Volunteer Agreement: By applying to volunteer at Fox Fest, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. These terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Fox Fest.

  2. Eligibility: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old at the time of application. You must provide valid identification as proof of age and eligibility to work in the UK.

  3. Application Process: All volunteers are required to complete and submit the official volunteer application form provided by Fox Fest. Submission of the application does not guarantee acceptance. Fox Fest reserves the right to reject any application without providing a reason.

  4. Selection Process: Volunteers will be selected based on their availability and suitability for the roles available. Fox Fest may conduct interviews or request additional information as part of the selection process.

  5. Roles and Responsibilities: Volunteers are expected to fulfil their assigned duties diligently and responsibly.

  6. Training: Prior to the commencement of the festival, volunteers will undergo training sessions to familiarise themselves with their roles, safety procedures, and festival policies. Attendance at these training sessions is mandatory.

  7. Shifts and Availability: Volunteers must be available to work a minimum number of shifts as specified by Fox Fest. Shift schedules will be provided in advance, and volunteers are expected to arrive punctually and remain for the duration of their shifts.

  8. Code of Conduct: Volunteers are required to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or misconduct will not be tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal from the festival.

  9. Confidentiality: Volunteers may have access to confidential information during the course of their duties. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of such information and not disclose it to any third party without prior authorisation from Fox Fest.

  10. Health and Safety: Volunteers are responsible for their own health and safety while participating in the festival. You agree to adhere to all safety guidelines and instructions provided by festival organisers.Fox Fest will not be liable for any injuries or accidents that occur during the festival.

  11. Termination: Fox Fest reserves the right to terminate the volunteer agreement at any time and for any reason, with or without cause. Volunteers may also choose to withdraw from the festival at their own discretion by providing notice within 28 DAYS.

  12. Amendments: These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Fox Fest. Any amendments will be communicated to volunteers in a timely manner.

Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, we can only offer volunteering opportunities to individuals with the legal right to work in the UK. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we are no longer accepting applications from holders of all EU/EEA identity cards.

If you possess either a UK or Republic of Ireland passport or identity card, you automatically have the right to work in the UK.

For individuals holding a European Economic Area/Swiss passport or a non-UK/EEA passport, a valid visa demonstrating your right to work/volunteer in the UK will be required as acceptable proof.

Please note that obtaining Home Office approval of your right to work is mandatory.

You can acquire this approval via

Confirm your identity with a photo of yourself holding your ID

  • Take the photo in a room with enough light.

  • Select the highest photo quality on the device you use to take the photo.

  • Hold up the document next to your face, like in the image below.

  • Make sure both your face and ID are clear on the photo — nothing on the ID can be covered or censored.

upload photo ID for fox festival volunteering
Upload File
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